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Well, this page is still under construction just like the whole site, especially in this year 2022 that I am moving my business to an industrial zone. For now I just want to show this part, about the black visor or banner at the top of the windshield as one of my installation services.
Many people do not like it, but it is for aesthetic reasons. However, that can be solved, just don't make it too dark and it will look great, both in sports vehicles and in luxury or elegant vehicles. The important thing here is that you reduce the glare of the sun a little more, a job that your windshield visors cannot do completely. The price of installation can vary between a vehicle such as a Nissan Sentra or a 3500 truck. The dimensions vary greatly and the work to be done also. So, it can cost anywhere from $60 to $140 depending on the film that is applied.

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