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Do This Before Your Appointment

Friendly Full Suggestion

Before your appointment

Please do this... clean your car!

When you arrive with your clean car, it favors us by saving time in our cleaning preparation, preventing any dust particle from adhering to the film prior to installation. Wash your vehicle at home or pass it through an express car wash, we will sincerely appreciate it too much.

However, even after that first step, we make sure to remove from the windows any foreign hardened substance that could damage the film during preparation, we also do our part. 

We clean the windows even more, of course, and we do it with a higher degree of demand, it is our job and we are concerned about achieving the best result in the installation of the new film. A clean surface greatly favors the technical installation process and we do it with more efficient results.

If you see that any of your windows has any glue, tree or bird residue or hard foreign substance, let us know, we will immediately pay attention and take care of solving it if you could not do it at home before the appointment. We will also appreciate this detail very much.

Even so, we ask that you help us clean your vehicle as much as you can before arriving with your car to the appointment. Something else that is common to happen is that the windows inside can also be dirty or contaminated with some substance, food, liquid, grease, glue or adhesive that hardened with the heat of the sun and removing them implies investing more time in the process of cleaning, especially on a rear window where there would be a possible risk of damaging the defrost when trying to remove hardened glue.

Another thing that has affected us is the use of Armor All on the door panels. It can happen at home or in a car wash that, when applying the oily substance, it adheres to the windows and that, although we are demanding in cleaning, produces small air bubbles in the film that are visible from the outside where the film could not adhere. If it happens to you, we will greatly appreciate your understanding about it.

Something else that happens with some frequency is when you buy a used vehicle and you don't know if that vehicle was ever tinted. In car dealers they remove old tint but they don't do it with great rigor and they leave residues of old glue in hidden corners and edges that are not visible and that affects us too much. It is our responsibility to advise you that we will charge an extra fee for removing this waste in order to obtain better results.

When new vehicles arrive that have never been tinted before, the risks are minor or null, but, in used vehicles, the risks increase and good or excellent results cost much more work, we will greatly appreciate your understanding in this regard.

So it never hurts to clean your windows with Windex or a similar high-quality window cleaner that contains ammonia. This will remove at least some of the grime that your windows have accumulated over the time it has been in operation and give us a good surface to work on.

Finally, remove the extras in your car

Remove all child restraints, also known as car seats and booster seats. Often these are mounted so tightly to the seat that it is difficult for us to remove them especially on coupe or sedan vehicles.

Remove everything that can be damaged by water moisture in the trunk or door panels, such as documents, books, magazines or objects of importance to you. We use a solution in the installation process and it could drip onto these items if they are left in those visible spaces or corners.


We Recommend All Clients
Drop Off Their Vehicle

EVEN IF a precise time slot has been scheduled.

Well, I think that's all for now letting you know that we will do

our best to contribute throughout this process.

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